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Cyclones Fall Into Hole, Can't Get Out Against Tech

First off, Texas Tech is awesome. They had exactly 0 AP at the game, which means that we get no picture on here.

Both teams started off slow. It was a pretty sloppy game. Turnovers, settling for 3s, etc. Then about halfway through the 1st half, Tech turned it on, building up a 10 point halftime lead. The stats aren't out yet, and those will tell the story, but for the most part, ISU was a little out of sync being Staiger-less. I'm guessing it will take some more practicing without him to get readjusted.

Honestly, I think we were a better team than Tech. Tech settles for shots at times as well, and really commit a lot of turnovers. There was opportunity to take the game away, but when you dig yourself into a 16 point hole in the 2nd half, it's a hard one to climb out of.

There was just too much going on with the players' lives to really expect a consistent effort tonight, especially since they're playing on the road.

More thoughts when I get a hold of the stats.