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Quick Thoughts About Texas Tech, Chris Colvin, Team Performance, and Lucca

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There's been a lot going on with ISU, most of it, not really all that great. There's been a lot of discussions about a slew of topics, and wanted to throw out my quick thoughts about everything.

  • The Texas Tech Game was disappointing. We are the better team, and should've made that more of a game. We just didn't play well. Don't get me wrong: I thought Tech executed a great inside-out game for the most part. Roberson, Singletary, and Cohadarevic all played well last night. We can't go through the types of dry spells we go through. It seems like other teams close the First Half on some kind of a run, and open the Second Half on some kind of a run. We need to be stronger, and do a better job readjusting to the other team's adjustments.
  • I don't understand why people are so bothered by Chris Colvin's reactivation. According to McDermott, the team wanted Colvin back. Colvin was the 8th guy off the bench. He played the least amount of minutes, and the team needed a body out there. Christopherson got into foul trouble in the first half, and guys were getting gassed in the second half. It's not like the guy broke the law. I'm tired of this integrity high-horse, blah blah blah. The team needs to win games. It's hard to do with only seven guys. At other programs, Colvin probably would have sat out 1 half or 1 game. He's missed a few, and will only be played sparingly until February. People just need to relax!
  • People need to get over Lucca quickly. Yes it hurts, but honestly it isn't going to change a whole lot. He had the ability to score a lot, but also had the ability to be completely invisible during games. Truth is that Lucca averaged 9 a game, and Scott dropped 9 last night. I also think Scott is less of a streaky guy. He didn't have the greatest game last night, but he still maintained is 50% 3pt shooting average...Just saying.
  • The team is underachieving. In past years, it was an issue of lack of talent on the team. Walk-ons were getting considerable playing time, and we were just a very limited bunch. This year isn't the case. Whatever reasoning you attribute, things are not going well with the program. To think we may go through Year 4 without going to the postseason makes me sick to my stomach. With a fanbase who puts in Top 25 attendance annually, you need to be going to the postseason 1 or 2 of those years at least. These guys need to get things figured out. Other teams go through adversity, and the well coached ones persevere. ISU isn't the only place where bad things happen. We just seem to be one of the only places where we can't get over it.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, and want to believe that this team will turn it around. I'm hoping that a great home atmosphere, will help our guys out.

What is your take on the program, along with everything that has transpired the last couple of days?