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Very Quick Kansas Preview

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It's Gold Rules tomorrow, so if you go, wear some of that gold... OR, if you're sitting in the uppers, you can probably wear Cardinal and be fine.

Game tips at 1pm CST at Hilton. Should be a good atmosphere, provided the fans haven't thrown in the towel yet, support-wise.

To no suprise, KU is the much better team on paper. They shoot it better, rebound better, commit less turnovers, and get to the line more. It has the makings of a blowout, which sucks.

I went back and looked at the stats for each of KU's close games.

The way you beat KU is that you hope they have an off shooting day (while you have an "on" day), and you win the turnover battle. KU has shown they can commit a high number of turnovers: Against Memphis, they had a TOV% of 31.8%, and won by only 2.  Against Tennessee (a game they lost), their TOV% was 22.9%. It's easier said than done. We are one of the worst teams at forcing turnovers, and it seems like the more chances we take on defense (like pressing, trapping, etc), the easier of baskets we allow.

Mostly, we just have to hope they don't shoot well. And how does that happen? You eliminate as many shot attempts from Cole Aldrich as possible, similar to how we did against Dexter Pittman against Texas. Aldrich shoots for such a high percentage. Next, you pray that Collins has an off day, and try to force him to take bad shots. Much easier said than done. Even then, you've got guys like Henry, Taylor, and Morris who can put in work. Kansas is good, and we need to play hard, and be a bit lucky to win.

I hope our guys come out fired up, ready to play their best game of the year.... Doing some praying to the Basketball Gods between tonight and tomorrow afternoon wouldn't hurt either ;)