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Oklahoma Preview

I tried to be postive about the team. I really have. But during these times, it's more of a challenge than ever. The latest I've heard is that Gilstrap is questionable, as his knee has been bothering him. He did not practice on Sunday, and went out of town to attend his Uncle's funeral. Scott Christopherson has some illness that's been bothering him.

Depending on Gilstrap and Christopherson's status, we could see Colvin playing the 1, Buckley the 2, and DG the 3. I'm serious.

Obviously when you're down to 8 guys, and have 2 questionable, you realize that we may be in for a long night.... 6 guys playing an entire game, one of which being a walk-on?.....  I really hope that everyone on our team can play.

As far as Oklahoma goes, Willie Warren is questionable, but Mac thought he was going to play, meaning they game planned based on him being in the lineup.

I'm not even going to get into the stat breakdown for this one. Too many variables at this point, and the stats won't be representative of the guys out there on the floor.

Tipoff is at 8pm CST, on WOI. The bad news is that the State of The Union Address is at 8pm CST on all of the networks as well. You gotta watch on ESPN360, Fullcourt, or on that .2 station (5.2 in Central Iowa for example)... Hopefully by the 2nd half, they will switch to the game.

I'll update in the comments throughout the day, as I find out any news about injuries.