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Colorado Preview

Tonight, Colorado comes into Hilton, looking for their 2nd road victory of the season.... But we really aren't in a position to hate. Actually, I don't feel all that confident about this one.

Taking a look at the stats more, and if Colorado plays to their averages, it's going to be a tough one. Colorado shoots it better than us, does a little bit better job taking care of the ball, and does a better job of getting to the line. Basically, they have the edge on us in 3 of the 4 factors. We actually do a better job rebounding, believe it or not.

Colorado has a talented backcourt in Higgins and Burks. One averages 18 ppg, the other 17ppg. Talented backcourt play is what wins in college basketball. The interesting matchup will be how our backcourt does against theirs.

Another thing about Colorado is that they are 2-4 against teams in the Top 50 in RPI... Iowa State? 0-5.

We have the players to win this game, but I think it's going to be a close one.

The game tips off at 8pm CST at Hilton.