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Boozer Plays Hard In A Close Victory Over NDSU

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The rest of the team, not so much.

I'll start off with the good: Iowa State won the game. Charles Boozer had a career game, scoring 19 points including hitting the 3 that sealed the victory for the Cyclones. Along with that, he was pretty much the only guy who showed emotion and played with fire and energy.

Now, I'll get to the bad: We won by only 2 points at home to a team that was 5-9, and is currently ranked #267 in Ken Pomeroy's ratings.

By all accounts, I got the feeling that this team was starting to fall apart. And what we saw was the looks of a team falling apart. I would bet someone who did not know any of the in house stuff going on in the program, would even feel like this team was spiraling downward. Just watching some of these guys on the court, they are going through the motions, aren't playing hard, and it's getting hard to root for. There are some exceptions (Boozer for example).

I can handle a losing team. I really can. I mean, I'm an Iowa State fan. What I cannot handle are guys who stand around, go through the motions, slack off, etc. They don't realize this yet, but they are embarrassing themselves more than anybody else.

Now they are going to play possibly the best team in the nation in Texas. You don't want to be handling all of these in house issues midseason like this.

Some are saying to just wait for the conference season, as if some switch is going to turn on, and all of these team's problems have been absolved. Well, conference season is here, and there's nothing I have seen on the court, that's getting me optomistic.