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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 6

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Some things that caught my eye when looking over what happened this past week:

Texas Tech STILL Cannot Execute An Onside Kick:

The sad thing, is you know they practiced it all week, and were like "we're going to show we can do this!".... I wonder if they attempt another one anytime this season?

Denard Robinson Is Not A One Man Team. Eventually Michigan was going to get exposed for having no defense, and would face a defense that could contain Denard. He's still a great player, obviously, but football is a team sport. One guy can't do it all.

The Only People That Thought LSU-Florida Was Wacky, Clearly Haven't Watched A Les Miles-Coached LSU Game Before. Almost every game is wacky, and the guy hasn't even been there all that long!

Cal Is A Sneaky Underrated Team This Year. And they seem to play better that way. They did get smacked by Nevada for sure, but they have bounced back with nearly edging a very good Arizona team,and dominating a UCLA team that Texas look average. I wouldn't be surprised  to see Cal knock off USC next week. This team is going to be at least a spoiler factor when it comes to Rose Bowl for the Pac 10.

Don't Look Now, But Syracuse Has 4 Wins Already. Matching last year's win total.... This year they haven't beat anyone good (Akron, Maine, Colgate, South Florida), but I'm not sure if Minnesota could win those four games. So props to Syracuse for NOT being the worst BCS-conference team this year!

Wisconsin Must Still Be Mad About Michigan State. Because it makes no sense going for 2 when you're up by 25 points in the 4th Quarter. I don't think anybody really cares whether Wisconsin beats Minnesota by 25, 26, or 27. Same diff., but it's not a very classy thing to do. Minnesota is a terrible, terrible team. What do you have to prove?