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Clone Chronicles BlogPoll Draft Ballot Week 7

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A lot of movement after an exciting weekend, where we saw some unbeatens go down. I tweaked the ratings a little bit, by using a combination of computer models, and human factor (myself). What I did was take the average ratings across 4 computer models that I value (Sagarin Predictive, Bassett, Payne, Dolphin) to come up with a starting point, and to see what the Top 25 teams were. Although there are some variances, the Top 35 teams or so were pretty consistent across the board, and it was just a matter of ranking teams. I made manual adjustments where I thought was appropriate.

In the middle it gets pretty mish-mashey, but I'm feeling decent about the teams the poll has, but I'm sure we can debate position all day.

As far as the deltas go, I wouldn't fret too much about it. Just because a team wins, doesn't mean that the pool of teams around them can't strengthen relative to that team. With conference schedules getting into full swing, I think some of these debates can wait until we see it all play out on the field. With Utah, I know some of their fans may feel slighted, especially since they whooped it up last week. At the same time, they will get to play Air Force, and TCU. They will have chances to earn all the props they can in those two games. Things will take care of itself.

Also Considered: NC State, USC, West Virginia, Miss St, Arizona State