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Big 12 Power Rankings Week 7

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I'm a bit late with this, but I thought I'd give the Power Rankings a go this week for the Big 12.

1. Nebraska - They laid the smack-down on K-State 48-13, in a preview of what ISU fans might expect when they face the Huskers next month. I was in denial that this team was as good as people were saying. I didn't know about Taylor Martinez, and in the preseason expected the offense, specifically the QB situation, to be the culprit of a disappointing Husker season. But I'm a believer now. This team is going to beat Texas, and run the table to face OU in the Big 12 title game.  I hate to say I was wrong, but I was. Season isn't over, but if they continue to play how they are capable of, it's a scary team.

2. Oklahoma - Took a week off. This is a team that is inconsistent, but good. One week they can come out and roll a very good Florida State team, while another week they can barely get by a not-so-good Cincinatti team. I expect them to win the South, but they are very vulnerable. They face ISU in a game they should win easily.

3. Oklahoma State - Beat Louisiana-Lafayette 54-28. They are second in the nation in passing, and second in points scored. This is team that will have to win shootout style. But I have to give them a ton of props. After losing playmakers from last year, this team was supposed to flounder in the South. But instead, they have a very real chance of winning the South. They go to Lubbock to face Texas Tech, in a game that should go over 100 points.

4. Texas A&M - Lost to Arkansas 17-24. Similar to Oklahoma State, this is a team that is going to have to put up some points to win. They are still a factor in the South, especially if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State starting losing. They face Missouri in a very interesting game.

5. Missouri - Beat Colorado 26-0. Before the season started, I thought this team would have a chance to win the North, and even possibly do it. Then they started the year off looking like "meh" against Illinois and San Diego State, but have recovered nicely. Whenever you have a stud QB like Gabbert, you can do big things. These next three weeks will say a lot about this team as go to A&M, face OU at home, and go to Lincoln to take on the Huskers.

6. Texas - Bye. Hard to imagine we'd see Texas ranked so low, but if you look past the name "Texas", this is a team that has been average. Their offense has slowed, and their defense is good, but not great. They go to Lincoln to take on the Huskers, as Mack Brown puts his undefeated streak coming out of the byes at Texas on the line.

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7. Texas Tech - Beat Baylor 45-38. On offense, it just comes down to their execution. Against Texas and ISU, they just did not execute the way they needed to in order to win the game. If they execute, they have a good chance to beat Oklahoma State.

8. Baylor - Lost to Texas Tech 38-45. On paper, I feel like Baylor is the better team. At the same time, they lost to Texas Tech just last week, so I can't really put them ahead of Tech. Baylor is another team I was counting out for most of the year, but they have put themselves in a good position to finally get to a bowl game. I don't think there is a single team on their schedule they cannot beat, but it doesn't mean I think they will run the table. They will head to Boulder to take on the Buffs.

9. Kansas State - Lost to Nebraska 13-48. This team is a carbon copy of ISU, with an upgrade at RB. I expect them to be able to compete with the other North teams, but they will struggle against the South teams because they are so one dimensional on offense. They get the cure to a rough beatdown: a chance to beat KU down on national TV.

10. Iowa State - Lost to Utah 27-68. It was tough as to whether I put ISU or Colorado here. I know ISU fans like to make fun of Colorado, but honestly these teams are extremely even. I gave the nod to ISU due to coaching, as the better coached team ought to win close games on a neutral field. I'll be looking for improvement over last week when they go down to Norman.

11. Colorado - Lost to Mizzou 0-26. The Buffs beat a bad Georgia team, and the students rushed the field. Then the Buffs went to Columbia and got pwned by Mizzou. This is a team that has troubles scoring, and can give up some points. Sounds familiar, eh? They have a good test against Baylor this weekend.

12. Kansas - Bye. They face K-State on Thursday night.