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Tailgating Preview : Iowa State Cyclones vs Oklahoma Sooners

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I have to admit, today seems a little strange to me. This is the first time since September 11th that I am not waking up and packing the truck for an ISU tailgate. I wish I was there. The weather in Norman will be beautiful today, Paul Rhoads will have the team ready to play and the chance to see ISU battle it out with a top ten team is always exciting.

With normal being damned and a whole day to prepare for my beloved Cyclones I intend to dedicate my day to enjoying the things that just don't happen in a parking lot. I would like to share with you my list of things that I can do at home that I can't do in the lots. Let me set the record straight now though. As  great as these things are, I would give them all up in a second to be with my brethren in the parking lots of Norman today.

1 - Beer in the bar fridge. No more reaching around Mountain Dew, past the cheese slices and through an iceberg to get my ice cold beverage. It's my cold beverage and I want it now.

2 - I am going to blast an air horn from my deck  every time Texas and Michigan score. There are plenty of Husker and Hawk fans in the neighborhood and I haven't been able to banter with them yet this year. This could backfire easily.

3 - Bags all the way up to game time. Sorry old guy you won't get a chance to run over my bags boards when you are rushing to get to the stadium thirty minutes before kickoff. 

4 - Restrooms with running water. No waiting in line today nor will I have to use antibacterial foam to get clean hands.

5 - Lazy-Boy and a Fire. If the Sooners start putting the Cyclones to sleep, I will have the opportunity to do the same.

6 -  Pizza and Hot Wings delivered. Yes you can technically do both on the grill but getting them at the same time with no effort is a thing of beauty.

7 - Socks, Shorts, T-shirt. That is all that is required. I am confident that the temperature will be 72 degrees at game time so no guessing game will be going on in the clothing department.

8 - Halftime beverage(s).  A breeze today. I will miss another marching band performance.

9 - All 80's Metal all of the time. Sorry rap guy, country guy and whatever that new stuff is guy. We won't be competing for noise air space today. Hair bands will dominate game day .

10- When the game is over I will be home. Unless ISU pulls the miracle I can't imagine any reason I would want to be in Norman after the fourth quarter today. Nine hours is a long time to drive and my Sunday will now be free for the NFL.

Let me know what you plans are today. Anything you want to add to the list? I hope you take the opportunity to get some things done so I can see you back at the Jack in two weeks. Here's to the Cyclones finding a way to derail Oklahoma . Go Cyclones.