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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 7

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Another crazy week of college football. I could probably write that every single week without even looking at a single score, and it would probably be valid. Because when anybody can beat anybody, and you have this many games going on at once, something crazy is probably going to happen.

Upsets Galore! Wisconsin over OSU, Longhorns over Nebby, Kentucky over South Carolina, San Diego State over Air Force, Hawaii over Nevada, Washington over Oregon State (although the line favored Washington), and Oklahoma over Iowa State (no not for real, settle down. I'm just making sure you're still reading!)

I Hope Nebraska Learns How To Catch. Well, actually I don't to be honest. My gosh. I don't know if I've seen so many dropped balls, dropped TDs, from a team that was ranked as high as they were. Just when I thought Nebraska had an offense, and I start putting them up there, they show us the offensive play that was expected of them.

Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh-Ohh Myyy Gosh! Baylor Is Going To Make It To A Bowl Game! Well, not officially, but winning in Boulder put the Bears at 5 wins. You gotta think between K-State, @Texas, @Oklahoma State, A&M, and Oklahoma, that they will win one game... Right? If so, it's a OMG moment for sure! On the flip side, how sick would it be to go 5-2, be one game from bowl eligibility, and then to reel off 5 straight losses. It could happen though too.... Which then it would be a OMG moment as well! Either way, OMG works for this squad!

Minnesota Continues It Quest To Be The Worst BCS Conference Team This Season. On one hand, you see they lost by 9 to a Purdue team that isn't all that great to be honest. On the other hand, when you see Minnesota scored 14 4th quarter points, it really was a game that felt more like a blowout. Are the players this bad, or do they just not want to play hard for the coach? They probably won't win another game this year, with Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Illinois, and Iowa left.

I do have to say though, my favorite moment of the college football weekend was the several hours I spent at a local sports bar. Naturally, the Iowa-Michigan game was on, and the place was flooded with Hawk fans. When Iowa was up 28-7, these guys ordered shots, started celebrating the victory, and talking about how they need to get to Iowa City for the next home game.... The ensuing partial meltdown was hilarious. The place got quiet, and these guys started bitching like crazy about everything. I know it probably doesn't sound funny with me typing it, but that whole experience was hilarious to me. If Michigan could have came all the way back, I don't know what would have happened.

I'm not a big sports bar kind of a guy. I don't even go to Cyclone gamewatches. I typically stay home, or hang out with a couple of friends at their place. But outside the fact I spent a little more money than I would have liked, the entertainment value of the people who show up to watch some of these games, is sort of making me want to go to the same sports bar again next week! I really need to get out more!