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Clone Chronicles Week 8 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

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Feel free to get your hate on:


Also Considered: NC State, North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Florida

The big movers on the poll are Mizzou (15th to 7th) and USC (Unranked to 17th). For Missouri, their wins against Illinois and San Diego State look better than when the season started. Also, when you factor in their abilities, I don't think there is a single game on their schedule that is unwinnable. Does it mean they win them all? No. But I could see them sneaking into the Big 12 Title Game. When you have a big-time QB, and a defense that is playing lights out, anything is possible.

With USC, losing to Washington and Stanford is a blow, but on the flip side, they only lost those games by 3 points total. Their win over an underrated Cal was very impressive, and now they have two weeks to prep for Oregon.

I think the rest of the poll is pretty consistent with previous weeks. Miami, Wisconsin, are back, and Miss St. joins the poll for the first time.

Oklahoma State is pretty low-ranked for an undefeated team, but when your wins are against Washington State, Troy, Tulsa, A&M, @ Louisana-Lafayette, @ Texas Tech, it just isn't as impressive as some of the other undefeated teams. They've got Nebraska this week, and if they win that one, they will be on the rise, I am sure of it.

Feel free to get your hate-on.