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Texas Tech vs. Iowa State GameThread

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Here we go! A lovely, crisp, fall day to enjoy Iowa State's first Big 12 home game on the year.

I have no idea what's going to happen. I expect Tech to look decent as they've had two weeks to prepare for the game, and on paper, they flat out have more talent than us. It's just a matter of executing.

I'll predict our offense scores their customary 13 points we've been conditioned to see, and that our defense allows 34 points

This is an open thread to discuss pregame, in-game, and postgame action. I will be at the game tonight, and may or may not be doing some tweets from the stands from my @Mark_Kieffer account, but it all depends on reception I get during the game.

I hope this is a fun one, and we get a result different than what most are expecting!