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Where Are Cyclone Fans At?

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The football team has gone through a couple rough outings the last couple of weeks, with many feeling that this coming week will be more of the same. Basketball horizon in two weeks from today.

So where you at? Are you paying attention to football, or looking forward to basketball? Or, are you just throwing in the towel, in the fetal position crying?

I'm sorry, but when the team is down, this is when fans need to step up and support the guys. For real. I see on Twitter and Facebook, Cyclone fans not even watching the Texas game, and going to Iowa City instead. It is times like this when you figure out the fans vs. the casual observer.

Yeah this season has been rough, but is it really been that unexpected? Do you realize that year to date, we have the 10th hardest schedule in the nation (with it increasing after we play Texas, Nebraska, and Mizzou)? If last year's team was playing this schedule, there would be no Insight Bowl. In fact, if Nebraska didn't turn the ball over 8 times, there would be no Insight Bowl.

Are we really that non-analytical, that we think "Well, we made a bowl game last year, so we have to do it again this year"... And by somehow not making a bowl game, all of a sudden everybody sucks and should be fired? Did you really think it was realistic that at this stage of the program, for us to go down to Norman, and knock off a team that has had Top 10-15 recruiting classes every year for the past decade? Or to knock off a team that has been making BCS bowls and losing only 1-2 games a year for the better part of the past 6-7 years? Get real.

I'm not a guy that ever gets the award for being the most optimistic, and I poke fun at the team from here to there. You have to.

Still though, this is my squad and I'm going to stick by them regardless of record, regardless of opponent. This past week has been some of the most pathetic I've seen from fellow Cyclone fans. Cyclonefanatic's messageboard comments are an embarrasment. Nobody has been checking out this site for the week. Cyclone Report's messageboard is a joke too.

Whatever happened to supporting the team, because they're your team?