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Clone Chronicles Week 9 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

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Another week, another BlogPoll:

Also Considered: Oregon State, Hawaii, Illinois, Baylor, NC State

Explanation after the jump

Here's how I approached the poll:

1) Power ranking the 7 undefeated teams. To me, if you're undefeated, you get to be towards the top. It's not an easy thing to do. Resume-wise, Auburn would be #1, Missouri would be #2, and Oregon would be #3, but I think Oregon and Auburn are the two best teams right now, with Missouri 3rd. Brian Cook has been dead wrong; Missouri is a great team, and they will be ranked higher than most people would expect when the next BCS rankings come out. They rank #1 on Sagarin's ELO_CHESS, which is used in the BCS polls.

TCU, Boise, Michigan State, and Utah are all right up there and pretty close. Utah with a SOS of triple digits still, gets the low end of the undefeated teams.

2) #8-#17: ranking the best one loss teams

3) #18-#25: ranking the best 2 loss teams + 1 loss teams with crappy schedule strength. Main reason why South Carolina and VA Tech move down despite wins are the fact they played Vandy and Duke respectivley, which hits their SOS. When you're doing a poll at least partly based on SOS, there is going to be fluctuations as that is changing from week to week. The various models I look at to a pretty good job of measuring this, along with weighting recent games more closely than games played earlier in the year, and all of that.

Get your hate on, and let's talk in the comments!