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What If? ISU To The Big 12 Championship?

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Warning: Rampant speculation and unbridled optimism incoming.

Everyone likes to play the "What If..." game. As of today, there's a chance (albeit an extremely slim one) that the Cyclones could go to the Big 12 Championship Game at Jerry-World. "How?" you say? Three things need to happen:

  1. ISU does not lose another game
  2. Missouri loses to Nebraska
  3. KSU must lose one more conference game

How likely are these things to happen? Not very, but I no longer say it's impossible. Assuming the aforementioned "What If" happens, ISU would be 8-4, and 6-2 in Conference play, with wins over Mizzou and Nebraska both of which are also no better than 6-2 in conference play.

Want to make it even more interesting? Baylor could be the Big 12 South representative. Baylor sits at 3-1 in conference play, a half a game ahead of OU and OSU. Now it's extremely unlikely that they could put together a Big 12 South Championship, but it's at least plausible.

So how about that? ISU vs Baylor for the Big 12 Title! Probably the last Big 12 Championship and the one with the lowest ratings in history.

More "analysis" after the jump.

The Road to Victory

So, what are the probabilities for our 3 conditions?

  1. ISU does not lose another game - 10% - Easily the least likely of our three requirements, Nebraska and Missouri both come to Ames this year, but that may not count for much against two more ranked teams.
  2. Missouri loses to Nebraska - 40% - Missouri has the ability to win this game, and if they do, they're in the Big 12 North driver's seat. Baring Blaine Gabbert getting hit by a bus, will be the Big 12 North Champions if they beat Nebraska this Saturday. Don't count the Husker's out though, they're a tough physical football team and could show the nation that Mizzou's win over OU was a fluke.
  3. KSU must lose one more conference game - 90% - With OSU, Texas and Mizzou on the schedule, the wildcats will almost certainly lose one more conference game this season. Fear not Wildcat fans, North Texas closes out the season, so a bowl game is almost assured.

So in the end, if Pigs start flying and this happens, remember you heard it here on Clone Chronicles first!