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It Might Be Thursday But I'm Still Jacked!

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I know it's Thursday, but I honestly do not want this week to end! This has been the best feeling week I've had since the 2002 season to be honest! I know we're supposed to be looking at KU now, and Paul is going to be coming out with some stuff to discuss about the game, but I just can't contain myself.

On Sunday-Monday, I was pumped like the game had just ended, or I just played in that. Kind of natural, as Monday is a big day to talk with people at work about the game, and things like that. On Tuesday, the feeling didn't go away. I really had nothing extra to add, or say, but I was still just as excited as the previous days. Well, it's Thursday, and the feeling hasn't subsided that much.

It has been one of the best weeks for me in a long while, and nothing is going to ruin it, I don't think! It is just a strange feeling being this pumped to be honest! I have a hard time containing it!

In the past, I thought basketball was going to be the saving grace for a slow and painful rebuilding project with football. Football programs take a long while to turn around, while basketball only really takes 2-3 years if you have the right people in place. Well, in the 4 years of McDermott, we had one signature win, and that came on the last regular season game in that 4th year. In football, we've already had 2 signature wins, and while the Nebraska game was flukey last year, nobody can take away the effort from this past Saturday in Austin. It's like I almost forgot about the ability to have optimism, and see exciting things happen from time to time from our teams.

I've talked on end about putting up or shutting up, and how we need to either compete with the Big 12 South, or we need to relegate ourselves to a smaller conference when the Big 12 gets blown up. But it was days like Saturday that show that things are heading in the right direction, that we have the right people in place, and if we can take that momentum from on the field, and upgrade our talent through recruiting, better days are ahead.

Well coached teams can shock the world from time to time, and it's fun to see actually happen! We have a lot to look forward to over the next 4 weeks, and its going to be quite a ride to talk about. Can't wait!

Maybe, just maybe we're moving into the Second Industrial Revolution here....