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My Quick Thoughts About Iowa State vs. Kansas

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I've been talking to people during the week about the game, and really there's not a whole ton I'm especially worried about regarding the game except for one thing: intensity.

I know that sounds kind of strange, considering our team played pretty dang intensely last week, but a problem I've seen from this particular group is the fact we don't have that killer instinct. I'm tired of all the cliches about stomping on throats and crap like that. But what I'm really trying to get at, is we tend to play up or down to the level of our opponents for the most part.

Can you remember the last time Iowa State jumped to an early lead at halftime and maintained it throughout the game? This is one of those groups that if they do jump out to a halftime lead, the 3rd quarter is all about the other team getting back into the mix, only to have Iowa State pull away (or blow it) in the 4th quarter. 

I am not worried about KU's third string QB. I expect no impact.  I don't care about Turner Gill right now. I don't care that we haven't beat KU since 2004, mainly because in most of those years they were better than us, and 2010 has little to do with those previous years.  I don't care about any of the BS qualitative stuff that people are trying to come up with to have us worried about the game.

All I care about is our Cyclones coming out of the gate and taking care of business. Don't screw around, and give me a coronary in the 3rd quarter.  Punch them in the mouth in the first half, and spank them in the second half for trying to come into the Jack and knock us out of bowl contention. KU is terrible (in the future, they may turn out to be very good with Gill, but this year they are terrible). If we lose to them, we don't deserve to go to a bowl game anyhow.

Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!