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Thoughts For The Lots: An Iowa State Cyclones vs Kansas Jayhawks Tailgating Preview

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Cyclone Fans let me hear you. It is going to be a beautiful homecoming weekend in Ames and a packed house would send a message to these players that we appreciate the effort they put forth last weekend. A loud and proud Jack Trice Stadium would also show them that we are excited for the rest of the season. Your Cyclones have a chance to get one game closer to securing a bowl bid for the second year in a row. The game is at one o'clock, you can't watch it on TV, The stakes are high and ISU is going to give five years of payback all at once to a swirling Jayhawk squad. I'll be pulling in to C4 at about 8:30. I hope to see many of you there already and will gladly greet the rest of you as you pull in.


According to the temps will cross the 60 degree barrier at about game time. There will be no chance of rain or snow but It will be cool in the morning so slap on plenty of red and gold. Those heavy sweat shirts make awesome seat cushions during the game.



The fall weather is technically here so I expect to see lots of chili pots and smokers tomorrow but my group is sticking to the traditional burgers and dogs. I personally will be having Nathans All Beef Hot Dogs on a white bun with yellow mustard and sauerkraut. I think that is the best combination ever on a bun. The last home game I did a poll on the site and people definitely preferred dogs and brats over anything else but "anything free" came in second place. My suggestion for you is to pack some extra dogs and buns so you can create freeloader euphoria for those unplanned walk by eaters.


I did a quick google search for Kansas breweries and had minimal luck. There were about 4 pages of so called establishments but they were more of the brewpub variety and I doubted that Beer Crazy or Hy-vee Liquors would stock such a thing. Just for giggles I searched Kansas Dry Counties and came up with a list of 25. I then typed in Kansas Churches and came up with 4 million hits. If any Kansas Fans are on here and you know of a brewery that bottles and distributes will you send me a reply after bible study tonight?

Not counting on a reply I will go ahead and start off tomorrow by saluting Kansas with a  six pack(which I will share) of Wheat Beer. Since Boulevard Brewery is probably closest to Kansas, and I happen to like it, I will start there. My second beer selection of the day will be Peace Tree Brewing Cornucopia. If you haven't tried this you must pick some up. Beer that is brewed from Iowa Sweet Corn has a smooth delivery and excellent finish. After knocking back the main course brews of the day I will maintain by crushing Siver Bullets in the new 16 oz aluminum bottles.


Time is running out on games this year so I will be sure and bring bags and washers to this game. Sure we might have good enough weather for Nebraska but I limit myself as to what I bring that day as I am usually a little more tipsy for that game than the others.

That's about it this week fans. A DAY game, beautiful weather and some Jacked Up Cyclone Brethren. This has the ingredients of an epic tailgate followed by a Big Cyclone Win. Let me know if you are doing anything special in the lots this week. Hope to see you there.