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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 5

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Another crazy week in college football. What we're currently seeing is 1-3 really good teams, and then 40-50 so-so teams that all have a chance to win or lose on a given day. Certainly a lot of fun, especially if you are a fan of the teams that are in the 50s and 60s, because you know you'll win some games!

Les Miles and LSU Live To See Another Down, Tennesee Hates The Number 13. Because the only thing that kept Tennessee from winning that game, was the fact they had 13 guys on the field during the last play. On paper, you see LSU, they're 5-0, and have a strong SOS. But within that, they have had 3 games they could have lost very easily. For as high as they are going to be ranked when the polls come out, they are among the most vulnerable. 3 of their next 4 opponents are Florida, Auburn, and Alabama. It's going to get real in the SEC, as it does every year.

The Big Ten Is A Good Conference, But Is Probably Not Quite As Good As People Want To Think. Penn State and Wisconsin are paper tigers. They showed why I had Penn State so low in the Blogpoll and Wisconsin unranked. Ohio State struggled at times against Illinois, which I don't necessarily expect from a team that's supposed to be the second best in the nation, even if their QB is sitting out. Denard Robinson keeps tearing it up, but Michigan hasn't played a good defense yet. I mean, Michigan's signature victory is a tie between UConn, Notre Dame, and Indiana.

Kansas Is On Their Way To A Goose Egg In The Conference. Because if you aren't even going to hang with Baylor, your only chance to get a conference W is against Iowa State. I know people want to say "hey, they beat the #15 team in the nation". Um, no they did not. They beat a team that was ranked #15 due to the fact they were coming off a BCS bowl appearance, and won their game in Week 1.

October Is Either Very Fun Or Very Frustrating. During this month, it's when we figure out who are the contenders and who are the pretenders. Undefeated teams matching up more, the schedules getting more difficult, and we see what these teams are made of... Of course, if you're a fan of a pretender, it can be a sad month. As an ISU fan, I still have fun looking around and seeing which teams are going to be doing damage, even though my team is neither a contender nor a pretender.

Big 12 Power Ranking and NFL picks after the jump!

Big 12 Power Rankings

Well, let's see here. This is going to be a very easy exercise. It all makes a ton of sense.

1. Oklahoma, barely
2. Everybody else

NFL Picks

The first week of bye weeks, as the Vikings, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bucs all off. Here are my picks, straight up:

Atlanta over San Fran
Cleveland over Cincy
Jets over Buffalo
Saint Louis over Seattle
Tennessee over Denver
Green Bay over Detroit
B-More over Pitt
New Orleans over Carolina
Indy over Jacksonville
Houston over Oaktown
Washington over Philly
San Diego over Arizona
Football Giants over Chi-Town
Miami over New England on Monday night

Blogpoll will be up later today when the poll opens up for voting! Have a great Sunday!