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Clone Chronicles Week 6 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

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Here's what I've got going on for Week 6:


Also Considered: Texas, NC State, Air Force, Kansas State, Northwestern

To keep everything pretty short, I will explain higher-level what I did this week. If anyone has questions or suggestions, like last week, let me know.

I put Oregon above Boise because Oregon beat what might be the best 1 loss team in the nation. They also went to Tennessee, always a difficult place to play, and handled them. Boise is very good, and I think Boise vs. Oregon would be a hell of a game, I'm not sure if I could pick Boise to win that matchup.

To me, the 5-12 spots are interchangable depending on what you want to argue. LSU is not impressing me, but they are playing tough teams and winning ugly. They either need to play better, or it will catch up with them. Overall, I'm not quite sold on the 5-12 teams, and I am not sure if more than one or two of these teams finishes the season in the spot, but this is based on up until now, not how I think the season will end.

The 13-18 spots are the next tier to me. These are teams that could very well end up in the 5-12 range, and probably should be in the 5-12 range, but they've had a bad week.

19-25 is the next tier of teams. These are teams that have a resume that can't be overlooked, or a roster of talent. VA Tech may seem like an odd placement, but they let one slip against Boise, and looked better than they have since Week 1 against a NC State team that is very much on my radar. VA Tech is 2-0 in their conference. The James Madison loss looks horrible, and while coming off a heartbreaker on a short week is not entirely excusable, it does make sense as to why they weren't ready to play that game.

I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Other than maybe the top couple of teams, the next 40-50 teams aren't as far away from each other than we think. Some of these teams have more talent, but that talent doesn't play consistently well week in and week out. It makes doing these polls very difficult, but also kind of fun to do.