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Taking Care Of Business: Iowa State 28, Kansas 16

Today's game was the tale of two halves. In the first half, we played like crap. No way to get around it. Kansas dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides, and worked their way down the field via runs up the gut, and the screen game. It was the first half, that I feared as an ISU fan, as the team played down to KU's level.

The second half, particularly the third quarter, was a different story. The Cyclones game out the gates, scored a TD, and on defense started getting pressure on the QB, reminiscent of what we saw last week against Texas. The Cyclones picked up just a hair over 200 of the 400 yards of offense they had the whole game. When we played up to our abilities, we had our way. When we didn't, KU had their way.

WR play was pretty shaky this game, however. Darius Darks had two very catchable drops, and Darius Reynolds fumbled the ball twice.... neither time was really forced. Fortunately it didn't cost the Cyclones the game, and we can hope they play better next week, although going against one of the best secondaries in all of college football will be hard.

Overall, it was a nice day. Weather was perfect, and fans jammed the hillsides. The seating in the rest of Jack Trice was par for the course: empties in the corners. I'd guess there was about 46 thousand, which is probably our highest of the year, but still much lower than what I've seen before.

The "third string QB curse" didn't haunt us, nor did the 5 game skid against Kansas either.... A lot of people who try to analyze the game put a lot of worry into things that really do not matter, nor do they predict the outcome of the current game. We move on to Nebraska, in hopes to get bowl eligible. I actually will be heading out to Boulder for the CU game, so there's a lot I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the 'Clones get it done.