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Dear Dan Beebe, Fire Your Officials

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Last week the officiating in Austin was abysmal, and favored the Longhorns on almost every call. They also missed holding call after holding call. But that's nothing next to the ATROCITY that was the official review of the punt return in the 1st quarter of the Longhorns/Bears game.

Curtis Brown muffed the punt catch, allowing the ball to head toward the goal line. He grabbed the ball again and was tackled in the Endzone. As he hit the ground he may have fumbled the ball where a Baylor man grabbed the ball and jumped into the endzone.

So, what should have been a safety on Texas, or a Baylor Touchdown was reviewed. The call? A Longhorn touchback.

Dear Mr Beebe, there are other teams in the Big 12 besides Texas, who, despite blatant assistance from the officiating crews has managed to lose three football games. This needs to be fixed. NOW.