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TV Coverage: ISU Has Nothing To Complain About

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The Big 12 TV selections for October 16th have been released. Iowa State will play at Oklahoma at 7 PM EST on Fox Sports Net. It's been a good year for Iowa State in TV land so far. One game on ABC, three on Fox Sports Net, and Two on Fox College Sports, and I guess you can sort of count one game on Mediacom (but not really, let's be honest). It's been more exposure for Iowa State than the last three years combined, when you think about it. I'm overjoyed with the coverage so far, but let's go through the remaining games and see what's likely to be Televised.

10/23 - @Texas - Texas is down, but they have a national following, it may be on FSN or FCS, but it'll be on TV (that's 1)

10/30 - Kansas - Kansas is abysmal, very unlikely this game is Televised unless ISU upsets Utah and Oklahoma.

11/6 - Nebraska - Again, Nebraska has a national following, and there should be some interest in the game after last year (that's 2)

11/13 - @Colorado - This game is iffy, it may be televised it may not. It really depends on the performance of ISU and Colorado until then.

11/20 -  Missouri - Again, this game is iffy, but my guess would be that either Colorado or Mizzou will be televised, but probably not both. For the sake of argument, we'll say it's Mizzou. (That's 3)

In total that would end up being nine televised games (10 if you count UNI) and that's pretty darn good for ISU. If there's anything fair in this world it should put ISU about in the middle of the pack for Big 12 Payout this year.

We'll just have to see, there's a lot of football left to play!