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Thoughts For The Lots: An Iowa State Cyclones vs Utah Utes Tailgating Preview

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Cyclone Fans let me hear you. Its going to be a beautiful day tomorrow in Ames and I would love to see parking lots jam packed with fans. The university is advertising that all lots will be open this week. Iowa State has a chance to get a benchmark win versus a top ten team and a full house would go a long ways toward meeting that goal. I plan on arriving at the lots somewhere around 1:30. I would like to share with you my tailgate agenda and would love to hear some of your ideas/plans.


According to Saturday should peak in the mid eighties and slowly decline to the mid fifties by nights end. The winds look to be averaging 5mph. Slide on those jeans and pack a sweatshirt. Its going to be football weather.


It seems strange that I will be forgoing the fall menu and reverting to more summer fare but it is going to be way too nice for cold weather food. I plan on classic backyard barbecue this week and will be preparing burgers and brats. Not very sexy but I plan on spending more time enjoying the weather than the food this week.


My favorite tailgate subject. I typically like to start off the day with a six pack of something that pays tribute to our opponent. Let me tell you, there aren't many Utah Beers floating around Iowa, if any. Giving up on that I then researched the name Ute hoping that it was some sort of animal that I could mirror a beer with. Nope, it's the name of three different native american tribes living about fifty - fifty in Utah and Colorado.

Seeing this as my chance I then picked a Colorado beer Left Hand Haystack Wheat. This beer fits perfectly into my game day plans as intend to give Utah a left handed compliment like "You guys played really hard today" after a Cyclone victory. After enjoying the "Opponent" beers(which I am sharing by the way) I plan on switching to the new Silver Bullet Aluminum Bottles for the rest of the day.


Bags(Cornhole) will once again be the game this week. I played really poorly last week and want to show my tailgating group that I haven't lost the touch.

Thats about it for this week fans. A beautiful day, a chance for an historic upset, food and beer. What more could you ask for? What time are you coming up and what are you consuming?