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Nebraska 48 Kansas State 13: What It Means For Iowa State

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I returned home from the gym last night glad to sit down and watch what I thought would be a good game on Thursday night.

And then I saw Taylor Martinez run for 3 touchdowns.

First off, anyone not talking about Taylor Martinez and Denard Robinson for the Heisman is certifiably insane. If they continue to play at this level, both of them are going to New York, and one of them probably ends up with the Stiffy Heisman Trophy. Last night, watching him was nearly unbelievable, I finally understand why the Husker fanbase calls him T-Magic.

But what bearing does last night's blowout (which for personal reasons I was happy to see Bill Snyder get a shot to the nuts) have on the Iowa State football team? Lots.

First and most simply, for ISU to be ahead of K-State at the end of the season, K-State has to lose at least one more time than ISU. That's pretty simple, given that ISU lost to K-State on 9/18.

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But ISU also has to believe that Nebraska is going to trash Texas when the Longhorns head to Lincoln a week from tomorrow. As far as I can tell, there's about equal reason to believe that's a good and a bad thing for the Cyclones. Given that Iowa State meets Texas in Austin the week after, they could potentially be facing a Texas team that's on a whopping three game losing streak and is by far the weakest University of Texas football team in recent memory. Will that just fire up the Longhorns to defeat "lowly" Iowa State? Or will it send them spiraling into the oblivion from which even the Cyclones can win? Honestly I don't know, but it's something to wonder about.

The last, and most direct way last night's game affects the Cyclones is wondering just what Wally Burnham has up his sleeve waiting for the man who sold his soul to the devil for a pair of shoes Taylor Martinez? I, for one, hope he has something, because nothing I've seen would suggest that the Cyclone defense would fair much better than K-State's last night. Maybe we'd drop 8 or 9 in the box, but Martinez is fast no doubt.

Then again, maybe Wally is prostrating himself before God every night hoping Taylor tweaks a muscle in the first quarter. Which brings up a discussion I was having the other day with my brother about Denard Robinson. Can you build a program on the back of a single player? The answer is "Yes, you can" but the proviso, which Oklahoma learned last year to their detriment, is that if he goes down, you're up the creek without a paddle.

I wish both young men the best, as they're both fantastic athlete's, but you've gotta wonder.