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Got Ute'd: Utah 68, Iowa State 27

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I did not catch a single snap of this game. I had a rehearsal dinner to attend, as my brother in law is getting married tomorrow. It would only take a reason like a marriage or death in the family to miss a game, especially a home one at that, ESPECIALLY when it was 80 degrees in perfect tailgating weather!

Because I missed everything, and because I know Paul will jump on tomorrow and breakdown the game more, all I'll say is this has to be pretty embarrassing. I'm not trying to pile on, but Iowa State has been bad. And, Iowa State has played some pretty darn good teams. To allow the most points they ever have in a game really says something.

That said, I'm not sure what happens with this team. In college sports confidence is a huge thing. I don't know how a group of young men gain the confidence they can go to Norman next week and Austin the week later and win those games, after getting smacked in the mouth this badly.

It's this right here why these Rhoads and his staff get paid what they do. I know they will do the best they can to try and pick these guys up. With KU, CU, and Mizzou on the schedule 6 wins isn't out of the question, but obviously will be very challenging. I would hate for these next few weeks to put this team in a position where maybe they don't win a game or two they should.