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Clone Chronicles Is Roadtripping To Boulder

Once again the headline actually contains some lies. Or at the very least, "half-truths". First off, "Clone Chronicles" isn't going on a roadtrip. Mark Kieffer is. Secondly, it actually isn't a roadtrip... More of an airtrip. Nah, I didn't sell out, I'm still kind of poor. Frontier just had some deals they were running a couple months back, that is allowing me to get out there for less than what I'd spend on gas going there and back, not to mention the time savings.

Anyhow, I leave town Thursday night. I will be in Folsom on Saturday. Trip report will definitely be coming afterwards. I may or may not to go to the Millennium Harvest House. I may be ticket hunting during that time.

Other activities planned for the trip is the Broncos game against the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the trip will happen as it does, so we will see.

Who's heading out that way? Anybody want to kick it before or after the game? Holler at your boy!

Hopefully we see ISU gain bowl eligibility against Colorado for the second straight year!