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Big Weekend For Iowa State Cyclone Athletics. Sorry Dear!

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My poor wife. The Cyclone Football Team is playing in Colorado this weekend and I won't be there. To her, this should mean a nice leisurely night at home followed by sleeping in, getting some morning chores done, watching the game and doing more chores until darkness. WRONG. There is this little thing this weekend called Cyclone Basketball and another thing called Bowl Eligibility.

I don't know why I am so jacked up about basketball this year. The team is going to be barely competitive. The team will struggle to get two conference wins. The team won't get a sniff of the title "Best Team in Iowa". I tell myself these things but they don't matter. I have watched "Hilton Magic" videos over and over. I get goosebumps every time I hear Fred Hoiberg speak. I have watched every conceivable video of the rebuilding of Hilton after the flood and am convinced it is just what this team needed to wash away the filth of the McDermott era.

I do know why I am jacked up about the football team. The team has had two close calls this year and I believe they won't let it happen again. When you look at the close losses for the Rhoads teams you see improvement. K-state last year, devastating. KU last year, kick to the privates. K-State this year, oh what should have been. Nebraska, this got the teams attention. They don't like losing and I don't believe it is going to happen again this year.

So unbeknownst to my wife I am going to get home from work, order a pizza, hook up my laptop to the TV and watch youtube videos of Cyclone greatness. I will switch over to the Clone Zone at about 6:30 and watch any videos I may have missed and re watch those that inspired me most. My wife calls it obsessive, I call it being a fan. The game will end at nine and I will push my luck by watching the Nebraska Game. If you haven't seen the game on TV yet you must. It is so great to see Jack Trice on a national TV network. The campus is beautiful, the grass field is spectacular and the atmosphere is absolutely electrifying.

I will watch as much of the game as I can before the law is laid down and I am forced to retire for the night. At some point in the evening I will lay down tomorrows plan for her. Up early, hit Menards, knock off the easy things on the list, start prepping for the game time goodies and hit the recliner by eleven so I can watch the Iowa game until the Cyclones start at 12:30. This won't exactly match her schedule but hopefully will get me to Sunday.

Iowa State MUST win this game. Iowa State WILL win this game. The Buffaloes, no matter how inspired they may be are simply going to be out coached, out physicalled and out willed in this match up. I'm sure Colorado will come out of the lockers blazing but Rhoads and squad will adapt and overcome their spirited effort.  I fully expect Iowa State to win this game by twenty one points and it won't be that close.

At 4pm the whole thing will be over. I hope to be in good spirits. The temptation to get on line and start going over bowl scenarios will be great but I have a feeling it would be an ill advised action at that point. I'm sure the rest of Saturday will be spent doing whatever my wife wants, and that's OK. The first game of the Hoiberg era, bowl eligibility for an improving football team, it's hard to beat those twenty four hours in a Cyclone Fans life. I could take the time to apologize to all Cyclone Wives that will be dealing with the same issues as mine but in all honesty  I'll just be glad that my house is stable by Sunday morning. Sorry Dear. Go Cyclones!