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Clone Chronicles Weekly College Basketball Wrap Up: 2011 #1

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Since I was out of town,  I'm doing the weekly summary about a week late. This is the first real installment of it. I did a college basketball preview last week or so, so this is a followup to that.

What I'm going to do, is first hit it off with a little bit of Iowa State, then some Big 12, and end it with my weekly Top 16.

Iowa State Recap

We went 2-0 with wins over Northern Arizona, and Alabama State this past weekend. Jake Anderson won Big 12 Rookie Of The Week. It's kind of funny to think of a senior who has several seasons of college basketball under his belt as a "rookie", but he is new to the conference, and he did put up some good numbers, averaging 12.5 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists in the two games he played.

What I also failed to include in the preview that I would like to track this season, is Iowa State's ranking and outlook from Ken Pomeroy. I love Ken Pomeroy, but the one thing I do not like about his site is he overwrites the rankings, so I cannot see how far a team has come or fallen. These kinds of rankings help give perspective with teams beyond Ws and Ls.

For example, it has helped me determine what was Greg McDermott's best team at Iowa State. In 2007, they went 15-16, and 6-10 in the conference, but were ranked only 121. Last year they went 15-17 and 4-12 in the conference, but were ranked 71. Last year's team was the best of the McDermott "era" but according to record a fan may not see it. Conference strengh changes from year-to-year, so it doesn't make sense to look at team records year over year and determine which team was better.

Anyhow, I'm going to include the Ken Pomeroy Rankings and Outlook each week, as a way of keeping track of how far we're rising/falling. These rankings are very volatile until the first 8-10 games or so, so it will be interesting to look at.

Ken Pomeroy Outlook:

This week: #130, projected to go 14-17, 3-13 in Big 12 Play
Last week: #175, projected to go 12-19, 2-14 in Big 12 Play

Big 12 Power Rankings

Overall, a very quiet week in the Big 12. The only change I made was swapping ISU and Oklahoma. With Missouri having not played a game yet, the fact that everyone in the conference is undefeated, and nobody having played a team ranked even in the Top 100 by Pomeroy,  there isn't really much reason to change anything else up.

1. K-State (1-0): Beat James Madison 75-61. Play VA Tech and Presbyterian this week.
2. Missouri (0-0): Play Western Illinois and North Florida this week.
3. Baylor (1-0): Beat Grambling 87-52. Play La Salle and Jackson State this week.
4. Kansas (2-0): Beat Longwood 113-75 and Valparaiso 79-44. Play North Texas this week.
5. Texas (2-0): Beat Navy 83-52 and LA Tech 89-58. Play Illinois on Thursday as part of Coaches v. Cancer. Who they play afterwards depends on outcome of game, but would face winner/loser of Maryland/Pitt.
6. Texas A&M (2-0): Beat Alcorn St 88-56 and A&M Corpus Chris 86-65. Play Texas A&M Int'l this week.
7. Colorado (1-0): Took down the Bengals of Idaho State 88-80. Play Georgia tonight in what should be a good matchup between two likely bubble teams this year, and San Francisco on Saturday.
8. Oklahoma State (1-0): Beat a team very familar with Cyclone fans. None other than Houston Baptist, 86-73. Play Texas A&M Corpus Chris and Nicholls St this week.
9. Texas Tech (1-0): Opened the season with a win over Louisiana Monroe 86-67. Play North Texas, Stephen F. Austin, and Liberty this week.
10. Nebraska (2-0): Opened with victories over South Dakota 76-68 and Arkansas Pine Bluff 83-40. The Huskers face Vanderbilt this week.
11. Iowa State (2-0) Face Drake tomorrow and Creighton on Sunday.
12. Oklahoma (2-0) Beat Coppin St 77-57, and North Carolina Central 71-63 (OT). They move down a spot after going to OT against a team they really should not, meaning the game was in doubt for a time.

Top 16: No Changes from the preview

1. Duke (1-0): W 96-60 over Princeton. Face Miami (OH) tonight (6:30pm CST, ESPNU) and Colgate on Friday (7:30pm CST,

2. Ohio State (1-0): W over NCAT 102-62. The Buckeyes go to Florida tonight (5pm CST, ESPN), and face UNC-Wilmington at home on Saturday.

3. Kansas State (1-0) W over James Madison 75-61. Play Virginia Tech today (3pm CST, ESPN) and the Presbyterian Blue Hose on Thursday (6pm CST

4. Pittsburgh (3-0) Picked up Ws against Rhode Island (83-75), Illinois-Chicago (97-54) in the early stages of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic. Then they went home and beat North Florida 95-49. The Panthers continue Coaches vs. Cancer play as they face Maryland in the Semi-Finals on Thursday (ESPN2, 6pm CST). The winner faces the winter of Illinois/Texas. Losers face the losers of that game.

5. Michigan State (1-0) W over Eastern Michigan 96-66. Face South Carolina tonight (9pm CST, ESPN/

6. Illinois (3-0) Picked up Ws in the Coachs vs. Cancer Classic over UC Irvine (79-63), and Toledo (84-45). Illinois also picked up a win over SIU at home (85-63) and return to Coaches vs. Cancer play this week as they face Texas (8pm CST, ESPN2).

7. Missouri (0-0) One of the few teams to not play a game yet this season. The Tigers will not tip off their season until Thursday when they face Western Illinois (7pm CST,, followed by North Florida on Saturday.

8. Syracuse (2-0) Wins over UNI (68-46) and Canisus (86-67). Play Detroit tonight (6pm CST,, and William & Mary on Sunday.

9. Baylor (1-0) W over Grambling State (87-52). The Bears face La Salle today (1pm CST, ESPN) and Jacksonville State on Thursday.

10. Kentucky (1-0) W over East Tennessee State 88-65. The Wildcats go to Portland on Friday to face the Pilots (9:30pm CST, ESPNU).

11. Kansas (2-0) Ws over Longwood (113-75) and Valparaiso (79-44). Face North Texas on Friday (7pm CST,

12. Washington (1-0) The Huskies are 1st in the nation in points per game (118) and rebounds per game (69). That's what happens when you play McNeese State in your season opener when you're a good team. The Huskies face another powerhouse in Eastern Washington tonight.

13. Memphis (2-0) Crushed Centenary (104-40) and edged out a likely NCAA team in Miami late last night (72-68). The Tigers have Northwest State on Wednesday and LSU on Sunday.

14. BYU (1-0) Soundly beat Fresno State 83-56 and face Utah State on Wednesday (8pm CST, Mtn), followed by Chicago State on Saturday.

15. Villanova (1-0) Beat Bucknell 68-52. Play Marist today (4:30pm CST, ESPNU), followed by LA-Lafayette on Saturday (6pm CST,

16. Wisconsin (1-0) Beat Prairie View A&M 99-55. Face North Dakota today (7pm CST,, and play @ UNLV on Saturday, which will be a good test for the Badgers.

Also Considered: Virginia Tech, Texas, San Diego State, and Georgetown