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Saturday Is A Chance To Send Off Our Seniors The Right Way

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On Saturday, a very talented and influential senior class will be stepping foot onto Jack Trice Stadium, in what's Iowa State's biggest game of the year, and what is Paul Rhoads' biggest came in his short career as a head coach.

According to Sagarin, Iowa State has played the 13th toughest schedule of the season, going into this last matchup against Mizzou.   I would say almost all the teams with schedules as difficult as ours have more "on paper" talent than Iowa State, yet only half of them will be going to a bowl game. Tomorrow, this Iowa State team has a shot to join that group against the odds.

Are the odds in our favor for Saturday? No. Is Iowa State coming off of what was their worst performance of the season? Yeah. But guess what? None of that should deter ISU fans for going to the Jack and seeing these guys play in person potentially one last time. A lot of these seniors went through multiple coaches, and some decided to transfer here as opposed to going to a school with a little more stability. In short, these guys did nothing but give their all during a rough time in ISU football history, had a fantastic season last year, and a better than expected season this year. It would not be right to have them come to Jack Trice in a half empty stadium. They deserve better than that.

So come out tomorrow! This is a way to thank these guys in person by cheering and supporting them no matter the outcome! It could be your last chance to cheer on Austen Arnaud (not during the game obviously), Alex Alvarez, Colin Franklin, Bailey Johnson, Daniel Kuehl, Ben Lamaak, Taylor Mansfield, Michael O'Connell, Rashawn Parker, A-Rob, Zac Sandvig, David Sims, Sean Smith, and Jake Williams.  It's also a chance to thank those seniors who worked hard and helped the team get better in practice. Guys like Brad Adams, Sam Anker, Preston Kaufman, and Andrew Mitchell. They all did a lot, deserve a good showing from the fans, and no matter what, get a big W in my heart from their effort over their careers.

Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!