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The Big 12 North Race

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Nine weeks into the season, and there are 3 teams left with a shot at the North. Only two of them control their own destiny after Missouri's loss to the Cornhuskers on Saturday. As I said last week, Iowa State is still in contention. So who's left and what do they need to do to win the North?

Number 1: Nebraska (7-1, 3-1)

The Huskers are clearly in the driver's seat after their win in Lincoln this week. Roy Helu Jr proved he's one of the best backs in the Big 12 this year. The Huskers have a favorable schedule to end the year, with no ranked teams remaining. They head to Ames this weekend, which could be their toughest test yet remaining. Bo Pelini and his team have probably saved a little something to humiliate the Cyclones after dropping 8 turnovers last year in Lincoln.

Remaining Schedule:

Nov 6 - @ Iowa State

Nov 13 - Kansas

Nov 20 - @ Texas A&M

Nov 27 - Colorado

What do the Huskers need to do to get to the Big 12 Championship?

Win. Pretty much that simple. Unless the Huskers implode between now and the end of the year, they have a virtual lock on the Big 12 North.

Overall Chance to Win


#2 and #3 after the jump

Number 2: Missouri (7-1, 3-1)

The Tigers looked like a completely different team in Lincoln, and let the Cornhuskers jump out to a 24-0 lead in the first quarter. The rest of the game they struggled against a decisive Nebraska defense. Gary Pinkel's team is still smarting after the Husker defense very nearly gave Blaine Gabbert a concussion on a hit that looked illegal on the TV. Mizzou's toughest remaining test on the schedule is a road game at Texas Tech.

Remaining Schedule

Nov 6 - @ Texas Tech

Nov 13 - Kansas State

Nov 20 - @ Iowa State

Nov 27 - Kansas

What do the Tigers need to do to get to the Big 12 Championship?

Win all their remaining games and pray that Nebraska drops a game somehow. Mizzou fans are almost certainly rooting for the Cyclones this weekend.

Overall Chance to Win


Number 3: Iowa State (5-4, 3-2)

The Cyclones won this week in Ames against Kansas, but next week host the Cornhuskers in a game with Big 12 North ramifications. Iowa State is the only team besides Nebraska to control its own destiny in the North. The road is hard, but at this point it's still possible, however unlikely.

Remaining Schedule

Nov 6 - Nebraska

Nov 13 - @ Colorado

Nov 20 - Missouri

What do the Cyclones need to do to get to the Big 12 Championship?

Win, along with Nebraska, if the Cyclones win all their remaining games, they'll go to Jerry-world in December. The chances of beating both Nebraska and Missouri are slim, but we'll know more after Saturday. One thing is clear however, the Cyclones are in a position to blow up the Big 12 BCS standings.

Overall Chance to Win