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It's Gut Check Time: Iowa State Cyclones VS Missouri Tigers

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I'm not ready for this season to be over. I have enjoyed the torment and treasure that the 2010 Cyclone Roller Coaster Season has provided. After tonight I will have attended a personal record number of games (8).  Barring the Utah Massacre I have walked out of Jack Trice(and Arrowhead) feeling that this team was prepared and left it all on the field. The road games have been a completely different story. The Texas win was great but beyond that ISU has looked confused, unmotivated and overwhelmed.

Tonight the Cyclones have the chance to accomplish many things. A  sixth win, a victory over a ranked opponent at home and an extended season for these seniors. A victory will also provide the coaches with fifteen more practices and  time to evaluate  Jerome Tiller who( right now) is the future starter at the QB position.  It almost seems unfair to place such a  burden on the shoulders of these young men. I'm sure Coach Rhoads would agree but  he will also tell you that those who successfully prepare for the game of football will use those same skills preparing for life.

As I finish writing this I am making my checklist for today. Grill, cooler, brats, beer, extra warm clothes and a thermos full of hot coffee. I should arrive in Ames around 2:30. It will be strange walking into the stadium in the dark. I don't expect a huge crowd tonight as fair weather fans obviously don't watch football in sub forty degree temps. I do expect the fans that are there to be loud and proud. I hope the team comes out prepared and hungry. These seniors deserve a bowl game. It's gut check time Cyclones. The weather, situation and reward all favor the team who has nothing to lose. Rushing the field in Carhartts has never seemed so appealing to me. I'm not ready for this season to be over. Go Cyclones!