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Iowa State Ends Season With 14 - 0 Loss To Missouri

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I've been doing a lot of thinking, and honestly I'm not that upset about the loss. The guys came out today, and played hard enough to win. The offense and special teams had a rough day, but it is a team sport. If you are going to win a football game against a ranked team, you have to have those 30-40 guys who take the field all on the same page. It is a team sport. Win as a team, lose as a team. That's the way it goes. It's tough when you compile over 300 yards of offense, but are not able to score. But the Missouri defense is solid, and it was going to take nearly flawless execution to score 2-3 touchdowns in this game.

Reflecting on the season, I thought 2010 was a successful year, even though ISU did not get that 6th win. I know some fans on the internet are melting down and are angry as if the team was trying not to win or something. People quickly forget we barely won 6 games, and that was with a schedule that was rated in the 60-70 range. We just miss out on 6 wins, but with a schedule that's going to be rated in the Top 10. When you look at how much this team has improved during Rhoads' tenure  There were a lot of highs to this season and a lot of lows. Some of the most fun moments I have had as an Iowa State fan have occured this year. I hope fans can step back and appreciate the good times.

There is a lot that happened this year that has me optimistic for the future. Iowa State beat two Big 12 South teams from Texas, one of which was in Austin. I don't care if Texas is having a bad year by their standards, winning in Austin is special. When I look ahead and see we have to play everybody in the conference every year, showing the ability to compete with some of these teams is big. Just imagine all the good things to come, if Iowa State can keep this coaching staff in tact.

We may not have made a bowl game this year, but anyone who tries to say this season was not a step forward, does not know what we're talking about. I have to give one last shout out to the senior class, and wish those guys nothing but the best in their futures. Great times are on the way. Cyclone fans have a lot to be happy about and a lot to be proud of! Go Cyclones!