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How Technology Has Changed The Fan Experience

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HD, DVR, and 3D. These technologies have made the biggest impact on the sports world since the instant replay in my mind. What you have with this type of technology is the ability to give the fan a viewing experience that is better than in the stadium. You have cristal clear picture like you are on top of the action, you can see the pimples on some of these kids' faces when they play, and you get many different viewing angles that you do not in the stadium. I haven't done ESPN 3D because I do not have a 3D-TV nor know anyone that does, but if you can make the action so it appears like it's going on in your living room, it's going to feel like you're on the sidelines catching the action. If you need to get up to go to the restroom, or if the pizza guy didn't quite make it at halftime like they said he would, you can pause the live action, and not miss a beat!

Imagine some of the great moments in sports. In some of those situations there were people in the stands or in a sports bar needing to go to the bathroom (especially after downing all those adult beverages at the sports bar!), and coming back to miss the play of the year? Taking a step every from college sports, baseball comes to mind. Kirk Gibson's walkoff homerun in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Imagine how many people missed that because they thought the game was over, and went to the bathroom or got something to eat, only to come back and realize they missed one of the greatest moments in sports history.

So is this good, or is it bad? It really depends on your school of thought. Some are going to say this is awesome citing the experience from home, not having to deal with traffic jams, and the crowds. Others are saying it's ruining the fan experience, as less people will want to go to the stadium. 

I personally do not think it is good or bad. I just think it changes the way fans experience the games. For me, currently living in the area, I try to go to as many games as I can, but I'm also hardcore. Most fans aren't as dedicated. For most people, especially those who aren't hardcore sports nuts, TV has an advantage over the stadium experience in a lot of ways. It is now time for the teams to hit back with creating an enchanced stadium experience. If you can give a fan something new they can experience at the event, that gives them a reason not to watch it in the comfort of their home in HD or 3D, then you'll get people in the stadium. T-shirt guns/blimps and free hotdogs are getting played out.

This is where I want to involve all of you? What are things you wish they could do in the stadiums that would enchance your experience there, and give an edge over the people watching the game on TV? I especially want to hear from those of you that prefer watching the games on TV. What can be done to pull you away from the couch or recliner and go up to the game? For me, I think the expansion of selling handheld devices where you can view replays and stats as opposed to relying on the scoreboard would be awesome. Michigan and some NFL teams do it, but I'd like to see more of that. I think being able to voyeur into communication, similar to how you can hear the cockpit communication on a plane would be cool, but I doubt teams would allow that to happen. But what else? Kind of a fun thing to think about on a Friday!