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Week 11 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

It's the time of year when people are knocking other people off. Makes for an exciting stretch run, and also creates a good amount of movement in the BlogPoll:

Also Considered: North Carolina, Kansas State, South Carolina, Baylor, Florida State

Explanation after the jump

1-4: I still feel like these are the top 4 teams and I haven't see anything that would cause me to change the order. I've thought TCU was better than Boise for quite a while, and I thought Utah was overrated (even by myself), so I'm not shocked the Utes got rolled. I'm guessing there will be some peeps putting TCU ahead of Auburn. Based on resume, Auburn has a stronger SOS and still has to play at Alabama.

5-11:  These are my top tier one loss teams. I put Michigan State above Iowa, but I'm looking at it like this: good teams get rolled sometimes. Iowa nearly lost this weekend and would have put them even lower on this poll. Michigan State was worse than Iowa on that day, but overall their resume is better.

12-16:  Top tier two loss teams. I don't know if there is really much to discuss or debate here.

17-25: Everybody else. One and two loss teams with crappy schedule strength (but good team strength). 3 loss teams with tough schedules. USC, A&M, Miami, and Florida are new to the poll this week.  USC has the 9th toughest schedule, A&M the 26th toughest schedule, Miami the 27th toughest schedule, and Florida the 29th toughest schedule. A couple weeks ago, 3 losses didn't really look all that good. But now they do. Plus, later in the season teams are typically playing the tougher opponents, strengthening their schedule quite quickly.