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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 10

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It was another week of upheaval in the Big 12, and there's a new occupant of my #1 slot.

#1 Oklahoma State (8-1, 4-1)

OSU didn't just beat Baylor, they annihilated them. Baylor had NO chance whatsoever against the Cowboys. For that, I give them the nod over Nebraska and slide them into the #1 spot. The Big 12 Championship should give us a chance to see the Cowboys face off against the Huskers. First though, the Pokes must navigate their way through Austin against the Longhorns and play the Sooners in Stillwater.

#2 Nebraska (8-1, 4-1)

Nebraska now owns the North, anything short of a catastrophic meltdown will see them at Jerryworld again this year. They're in an excellent position to win the Big 12 in their last year as a member. Nebraska was playing short handed against ISU, but if you struggle against a non-ranked team, you get demoted from the top spot. The Huskers have pretty smooth sailing the rest of the season as the Jayhawks are up next.

#3 Oklahoma (7-2, 3-2)

Do the Sooners deserve this spot? Probably not, but there's literally no one else to give it to. The Sooners looked nothing short of bumbling at Kyle field. I still can't believe that snap through the endzone. Unless the Pokes stumble, Oklahoma will fall short of the championship this year. They host the Red Raiders next week.

#4 Kansas State (6-3, 3-3)

The Wildcats became the latest team to curb stomp the Longhorns and became bowl eligible in the process. The Wildcats are in an excellent position to win 2 more games and end up 8-4, 4-4. That's a pretty decent season in the Little Apple. Kansas State faces Mizzou in Columbia next week.

#5 Missouri (7-2, 3-2)

The Tigers are facing a nightmare after losing to the worst pass defense in the country. The stumble against Nebraska is understandable, to fall to Texas Tech this year is not. Gary Pinkel has three games left to show that Mizzou deserves a decent bowl slot. Their unfortunate reputation for not having fans go to bowl games may see them shunned yet again. Mizzou gets the 'Cats next week at home where they hope to reverse their late season slide.

#6 Baylor (7-3, 4-2)

Oh Baylor, you had such a ride. Unfortunately it looks to be over for this year. Fear not, though, you're going to a Bowl game. That's something right? Keep that in mind when you face A&M this week and the Sooners the week after that.

Ranks 7-10 after the jump

#7 Texas A&M (6-3, 3-2)

The Aggies frankly look like a different team with Ryan Tannehill at the helm. Mike Sherman and his crowd shocked Oklahoma for the second time this year. The Aggies might not play for the Championship this year, but they're certainly having a say in who is. The Aggies head over to Waco to play the Bears next week.

#8 Iowa State (5-5, 3-3)

Fans in Ames are blaming the wind for their OT loss to the Huskers, but the astonishing thing is that there WAS an overtime. The Cyclones played hard and deserved to win the game, losing on a throw of the dice by Coach Paul Rhoads. Still, it was the right call, and the Cyclones hit the road to face the Buffs next week in Boulder.

#9 Texas Tech (5-4. 3-4)

Who thought Tech had a shot against Mizzou? Not me. Taylor Potts proved that "Sticks" should be on the bench as he came into the game in the 2nd half and led the Red Raiders to victory. It was hard fought and hard won for a team that's faced more adversity than they wanted to in Tubberville's first year. The Red Raiders head to Norman for their final Big 12 game next week against the Sooners.

#10 Texas (4-5, 2-4)

Texas sits alone at the bottom of the Big 12 South. Wait.... what? It's getting harder and harder to see 2 more wins on the rest of the Longhorns' schedule. Will Mack Brown and his burnt orange friends stay home this Christmas after playing for a National Championship last year? Maybe, but the Longhorns face the Cowboys in Austin on Saturday.

#11 Kansas (3-6, 1-4)

Kansas is no longer in the cellar of the Big 12. In the face of an Epic collapse by the Buffs, the Jayhawks strung up 35 points in the 4th quarter to knock off Colorado, and Turner Gill has KU fans believing in a brighter future again. That's good, because they head to Lincoln for their last road game of the year next week.

#12 Colorado (3-6, 0-5)

The demise of Dan Hawkins is all but assured after the "Meltdown". The Cyclones come to town next week, looking for their 6th win. It's unlikely the Buffs can stop them.