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Chicago (It Is Not A) State Preview

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The best part about playing against teams like Kennesaw State and Chicago State is just pointing out the fact that neither Kennesaw nor Chicago is a state. As far as the competitiveness in the games go, that is another story, but for good reason.

Chicago State will come to Hilton tonight with a 3-10 record, and ranked 343rd out of 345 by Ken Pomeroy as far as teams go (ISU is ranked 65th). There's no dancing around it: Chicago State is just not a very good team. Only thing I worry about is our players thinking about what they will be doing over break, and playing yet another sloppy game. I hope they can take care of business and then enjoy a little break.


If ISU plays to their capabilities, ISU can win by 30+ points. If they jack around too much and don't come out sharp, then maybe 15-20.

Game tips off at 7pm CST at Hilton, and is on Mediacom in Central Iowa, maybe in other parts of the state as well, not really sure. Otherwise, you have to rely on the voices of Walters and Heft to get through this one.