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Iowa State Has Cal Tomorrow In A Huge Game For The Cyclones

Yes, I am aware of the game tomorrow. I was hoping to get a preview up today, but it likely will not happen until tonight. I'm also working on a Q&A with California Golden Blogs , so hopefully we can get something up tonight or tomorrow morning in preview of the game as well.

Saturday is a big game, as it will really be a test to see how the team bounces back from a tough loss. And while Cal is not the same team it was last year, neither are we, and despite putting up a 5 spot in the first half against Notre Dame, they have beat two quality opponents in New Mexico (who is going to be a bubble NIT team IMO), and Temple (who I think is going to be an NCAA team).... Which is 2 more quality wins than ISU has.

Hopefully I'll have more on the game tonight or tomorrow morning.