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Iowa State vs. Cal Preview And Gamethread

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Lines: Vegas -> ISU -5; Pomeroy -> ISU -5 ; Sagarin -> ISU -10

Big game today. In past years, the basketball team has not handled adversity well. New year, new group, and hopefully the guys bounce back and play a great game in front of the home crowd. In some ways both these teams are similar in that there is a lot of youth getting meaningful minutes, and inconsistent play.

I feel like Iowa State wins this game by 2-3 points. What worries me is I think Cal does have an advantage in the post. Their second leading scorer is a 6-8, 250lb forward who is hitting about 48% of his shots. Adding to that, they have a true center, along with 2 young, but decent sized forwards that play meaningful minutes off the bench. The guys from Cal made it sound like they are better in the post, but they tend to fall in love with the outside shot, and are shooting a low 32% for the season. As an ISU fan, I hope Cal does fall in love with the outside shot, because with their size advantage on Vanderbeken and inexperience of Ejim and Godfrey, I worry about foul trouble. I hope we have good enough shooting today to offset any type of post advantage Cal has.

Anyhow, I'm going to be at the game, but if you are looking for a spot to chat about the game, this is the gamethread for it.