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SE Missouri St. vs. Iowa State Preview And Gamethread

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Tipoff: 7pm CST, Mediacom/
Lines: Vegas -> ISU -23.5; Pomeroy -> ISU -27 ; Sagarin -> ISU -30

Not doing much of a preview with this matchup. Here's all you really need to know about SE Missouri St (SEMO). SEMO are the Indians, and are also 0-8. They have lost to the likes of teams like UAB, but also to other teams like Florida Gulf Coast, UM-KC, Tennessee St., and others. And by lost, I really mean losing by 2+ possessions typically. The closest they came to a W was at home against Grambling, but lost 77-76 in OT... Which turns out to be Grambling's only win thus far this season.

Another thing worth knowing about SEMO is former Cyclone Marcus Brister is on the team. He's a junior, starts for them, averages about 5.5 points/game in 22.5 minutes of play. A little throw back to the McDermott days when you see him.

Other than that, not really a ton to know. Iowa State should roll, and if they do not, then I'd be disappointed. Also, I will not be at the game, nor will I be able to watch, but this is the gamethread if you feel so inclined to discuss the game, or come over and break it down afterwards. I just won't be around. I will however put up a recap, based soley on box scores and what I hear from those who went to the game, so as you can imagine, it will be kind of short as well.