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Future Twitter Updates On Clone Chronicles

In light of the recent Facebook connect feature, I've decided to retool how I am doing Twitter Updates. In the past,  things that I wrote were also pushed out to my Twitter Account, @Mark_Kieffer. The main reason for doing so, was because I wanted to be able to put what I wrote directly to Facebook, which Twitter allows you to do.

So now what I am going to be doing, is pushing out all articles from Clone Chronicles out to the Clone Chronicles Twitter, @CloneChronicles. By following @CloneChronicles, you get every story posted on here. In the situation where more writers come aboard, you would get what they write pushed out to Twitter as well.

I still will push out some things that I write out to Twitter, but probably not everything. I also do some contributing on, so it may not be all Cyclone Stuff. If you look at my user profile, you can see that I have a lot of other interests, so my @Mark_Kieffer Twitter will have things pertaining to other things non-Cyclone.

If you're following me on Twitter because you want the Clone Chronicles updates, go ahead and start following @CloneChronicles as well. If you don't care for my other interests, drop me, and just follow @CloneChronicles.

Hopefully this all makes sense. If you've been using Twitter for a bit, it should. Ask me any questions you have, if you're confused, or need a bit of help.