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Cyclones In Familiar Territory This Year: The Bottom Of The Big 12

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Here is ISU's Big 12 Record through the first 10 games, each year under McDermott:

06-07: 3-7

07-08: 3-7

08-09: 2-8

09-10: 2-8

Going by the above pattern, I guess we shouldn't be suprised if we see 1-9 to start the Big 12 next year. 

This year, ISU got more talent, but everyone in the Big 12 for the most part has improved. This is the problem when you have 5 or 6 teams in the Big 12 pull in Top 25 Recruiting Classes, and we're far from that mark.

You can look at our roster this year and say that we have more talent than previous years. At the same time, you can look at our roster this year and see only 2, maybe 3 guys that would get clock on any Big 12 team not named Nebraska, Texas Tech, and Colorado.

This team has underachieved in many areas, but the only way to turn the ship around in Ames is to get better players. I know it's hard, but that's what the staff is paid to do: win games in the Big 12.

Looking at the schedule, we have 4 toss-up games in a row. While this team isn't playing for any kind of a postseason bid in my opinion, I hope they play for pride, and try to win a couple.