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Oklahoma State Preview

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Prior to the season starting, I thought ISU would be in the spot that Oklahoma State currently is in: on the bubble for the NCAA tournament, with some nice victories, hoping to solidify their resume heading down this stretch. I don't think it was crazy to think. Besides James Anderson, who does Oklahoma State have?

Either way, Oklahoma State is the slightly better team than us on paper, and much better team performance-wise. On paper, this has the makings of a toss-up game as both teams are close in each of the Four Factors. Combine that with Oklahoma State's poor performance on the road this year, and you have a toss-up tonight.

At the same time, this is a team coming off a 97-76 win against Oklahoma. This is a team that has won at K-State and against Texas A&M. This team has outperformed ISU, and in games that would appear to be close like this one, you have to give the edge to the team who has been executing better all year.

Pomeroy has us winning by 1 point. Vegas has us a 1 point underdog. It will be interesting to see what happens. Dendy is back with the team, finally. Let's see if he gets his customary 9-10 minutes, tonight.

Game tips at 7pm CST at HIlton. The game is on your local Big 12 Affiliate, and probably on ESPN360/FC.