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Previewing Baylor

The Cyclones head down to Waco, to take on those Baylor Bears. While playing at Waco has been tough for opponents this year (Baylor is 10-1 at home), the stats show that this game has the potential to be a game.

Now I say potential, because that would require the Cyclones to play for the entire game. You know, not dig into a double digit deficit to start off the game, then scraping until running out of gas the last 4 or 5 minutes into the half.

The two things I am looking for with this matchup, is if Craig Brackins can get going again and if we can take care of the ball. Craig had a big game against Colorado, but Baylor has more talented post play. We really haven't seen Craig do all that well against a good front line, but he really needs to step up for us again.

With the turnovers, it has been sickening to watch. Year-to-date, we do a better job than Baylor of taking care of the ball. If we want to be in this one, that will have to continue. The problem is that we've been a turnover factory the last several games, and our season averages have been increasing over conference play.

I honestly think that if we can keep the turnovers to a manageable number, we are in this one. Our shooting percentages are close to them and our rebounding is a little lower them them (but has been improving). It will require playing an excellent game on both ends of the court, but it's badly needed at this point.

If I see us turn it over 10+ times in the first half, and open up to be down 2-18 or something like that, let's just say that I think we will be in for a long February as well.

Baylor has an RPI of 25, is ranked #20 in the AP poll, and #24 in the coaches poll. This would be the perfect time to get a signature win on the road. It would really help propel us into some NIT discussion.

Game tips off at 6:30pm CST tomorrow night on Mediacom, Fox Sports SW,, and on Full Court.