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A&M Beat Us Y'All

Well, the "dunk it" guy was at the game today, but he was sitting in the 12th row again. Right when the game started, I thought damn it. We're going to lose AGAIN, and it's because this guy is sitting too far away from the court, AGAIN. 

Turns out I was right. Although it was close, and although anyone could have won, you never really felt like ISU was going to win this one. My general takeaway is that I thought A&M played pretty badly. I don't know if it was a matchup thing, or lack of motivation on their part, but I just wasn't blown away by them today.

Really to sum it up, when we needed our studs to step up and make a statement, only one did. When Brackins scores only 10, and shoots 25% from the floor, we just aren't going to win many games.

I really have no answers, other than I just hope we can beat Nebraska. Somebody please get the "dunk it guy" tickets in the parquet area.