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Talking About TV Tonight

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So here's the deal. ISU basketball has been a disaster. We all know that. We've all been saying it for a while, and it's getting kind of old. Also, I hate dislike the Winter Olympics, save for the Men's Hockey (which I haven't been able to catch much of at all, including the epic US vs. Canada game last night, which also sucks).

If you're like me, it's tough to find good things on TV when all of this crap is being aired. It's an off day, and there's not really much to break down about the basketball team, so I'm going to dip into some different options out there as far as what to watch on TV tonight. For me, I live in Ames, and have Mediacom (comes with my apartment), I don't get all of the awesome options that everyone else does.

Here's some things out there that caught my eye (all times in CST, and channels are on Mediacom Cable).

6pm - 8pm:

WVU vs. UConn (ESPN)- This is starting to be the time where we watch other NCAA teams, so we can choose which bandwagon we want to jump on. I'm pumped about this matchup. A couple of weeks ago, UConn was losing to everyone and their grandma, and destined to the NIT. After winning at 'Nova, everything is different. I think UConn is a NCAA tournament team, but they're definitley on the bubble. They have an RPI of 45, a SOS that was #2, and are 4-6 against the RPI Top 50. Winning against WVU would really put them over the hump, in my mind, as it'd be hard to deny a team that has beat both 'Nova and WVU. That said, WVU is a good team, and you know Huggins always has his boys ready to play.


Got some different options here. I might go Comedy or I might go Drama.

On CBS, you've got Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory over the 8-9pm hour. Both funny shows, but shows you can watch randomly during the season.

On CMT, you've got one of my faves in Field of Dreams. I'm really gearing up for the Baseball season, but perhaps dipping into this is just too early.

On MPLEX, if you like Legal Dramas, A Civil Action is a really good flick. John Travolta is actually good in this one, and Robert Duvall is great. You've also got John Lithgow, James Gandolfini, William H. Macy, and Tony Shaloub in the supporting cast.

I've seen both the movies, so I'd probably stick to some Comedy here, but that's just me.


Some more good choices here. I'm leaning towards watching this King Tut Unwrapped, feature on the Discovery Channel about King Tut's life. You've also got some decent choices in Hoarders on A&E, Men of a Certain Age on TNT (Season Finale), and NFL Full Contact: A look at setting up the game in London on truTV.

Just some things out there that caught my eye on tonight. Anything out there you're excited about that I didn't mention?