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Nebraska Preview: The Big Twelve's Toilet Bowl And Keeping McDermott Honest

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So we've got a game with the Huskers. Chances are we win this game. But honestly, this game is about staying out of the basement of the Big 12. Take a look at the standings, and you will see that we are 1 game ahead of Nebraska. With Nebraska projected by Ken Pomeroy to win against Texas Tech and Colorado, there's a chance they will finish with 3 conference wins. If we lose to Nebraska, that would put Nebraska at 4 wins, and ISU may not win a game the rest of the year.

How sucky this season has been. On the high end, we will finish 10th in the conference, and on the low end we will finish dead last. Odds are we finish 11th, but that range is totally unacceptable.

Remember media day?

Check out this quote from McDermott about being projected to finish 8th in the Big 12 during the preseason

"They must not think of the coach is what that must mean. That would be my guess.

But I think it's a testament to the league. I think you could argue-- and it's an easy argument -- the seven teams picked ahead of us for a reason. Generally, preseason polls are based on how you did last year and what you return. There's just a lot returning in our league.

Some of the newcomers that are entering our league come from very successful backgrounds in high school or junior college, and I think they're going to have quite an impact right away.

So we're picked probably about where we should be picked, but I'll be disappointed if that's where it ends up at the end of the day"

Why are we supposed to feel sorry for the guy again? He's making more in 1 year than many will make in a majority of their lifetime. He said that finishing as low as 8th is disappointing and means that he must not be that good of a coach. He said it would be disappointing to do that poorly and they're doing worse, so why can't we as fans be disappointed and question the direction of the program? Why are we to believe things will get turned around? It was supposed to happen this year!

I think the guy is a good coach at the right level, but BCS play is over his head. It's a different animal, and he can't handle it. I just don't see why he doesn't resign, find a program in a mid-major that would fit the profile he'd thrive in, before he digs himself into such a hole that finding a job would be that much more difficult?

Going back to the Nebraska game how will it go? I think it's going to be very close. These teams stack up very closely in eFG%, TO%, and FT Rate. ISU has the clear edge in OR%. Whoever is having the better shooting day wins this one. Nebraska is a better 3 ball shooting team, so we just have to hope that they're cold tomorrow.

If you are thinking about attending this one, I would. It might be the last chance to see ISU win a game the entire season.

On a positive note, we're only 53 days from the Football Spring Game!