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ISU Plays Horribly, Barely Gets By Nebraska 78-74

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This was one of the worst Big 12 games I have ever seen. This wasn't like watching two Big 12 teams. This was more like watching two bottom tier mid-majors. Our offensive rebounding (26 to 22) and free throw shooting (25/32 to 11/16), made the difference in this one.

I have to give some props to Christian Standhardinger. The guy is a freshmen, making his first start, and he matched up well with Brackins (they guarded each other). He dropped 25 points, and was the reason Nebraska was in this with a chance to win. This guy has a decent future. He was quicker than Brackins off the dribble. The main thing I saw is that he travels a lot in the post and on put backs.

While I'm glad that ISU won, I'm not going to be celebrating beating the worst team in the conference at home by 4 points. If we're down to that level, that is truly sad. When I see the pregame video of highlights of the past, it almost brings me to tears seeing how good we used to be, and how fun the atmosphere at Hilton Coliseum used to be.

Anyhow, the Cyclones travel to Boulder, a place that's been rough on ISU in recent years. This is another "big" game, as ISU tries to break the current tie for 10th they have with the Buffs.