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Cyclones vs. Buffs: Battle For 10th Place... For Now

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I was looking at the most recent Big 12 standings, and stretch run schedules, and I have come to realize that this is probably the biggest game Iowa State will have for the rest of the season.

Taking a look at the bottom teams we have:

T8. Texas Tech (4-9) @ Nebraska, Baylor, @ CU, likely finishing 5-11 in my mind

T8. Oklahoma (4-9), Baylor, @Texas, A&M, likely finishing 4-12 in my mind

T10. ISU (3-10), @CU, Mizzou, @K-State

T10. Colorado (3-10), ISU, @Nebraska, Texas Tech, probably going to beat Nebraska and Tech. Either 5-11 or 6-10

12. Nebraska (1-12), Texas Tech, Colorado, @ Oklahoma State, likely finishing 1-15 in my mind

With ISU, I think CU is a tossup, and they lose to Mizzou and K-State. They will either have 3 or 4 conference wins. I think the standings will end:

8. Colorado (5-11 or 6-10)

9. Texas Tech (5-11)

10. Oklahoma (4-12)

11. ISU (3-13 or 4-12)

12. Nebraska (1-15)

So to me, even if we win this game and get sole possession of 10th place for a few days, I'm not sure that we finish there. While finishing 8th or 9th in the conference would have been disapointing as well, this just shows how crucial those toss-up losses to Oklahoma and Tech were.

As far as the game goes, I'm not particularly optimistic. Last time ISU won at Boulder was in 2005. We just aren't the same team there. Colorado has stronger backcourt play, and remember they were without one of their best scorers in Burks, for the entire game when it was played in Ames.

The main thing we have going for us is that the guys are coming off a win. They hopefully have a little bit of confidence, where Colorado has been getting beaten up the past few games, and is struggling a bit right now. Be interested to see what happens.

Game tips at 12:45 CST on your local Big 12 Affiliate, ESPN360, and ESPNFC.